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, Rainbow's far more dissatisfied in Pinkie than damage, and quickly will get around it when she learns Pinkie's making a Nice Hat out of them. And even though she's killed

, just shrugs off experiencing the roof of her dojo shrine when she made an effort to fly an umbrella, breaking her legs for the year with an easy Awe.

, a British officer located in Africa normally takes an extremely blase Perspective about getting rid of a leg to a tiger. Having said that, Component of that might come from The reality that he seems to feel that his leg will grow back.

spends rather some time idly chatting more than IRC even though remaining crushed almost to Loss of life, which include nonchalant references to passing out from blood decline.

is so considerably more concerned about the people he desires to safeguard than He's about himself that he productively hides discomfort of any form, which includes Actual physical. In Holiday getaway Star

Bart Wellens broke his wrist in the first lap of your cyclocross environment championship in 2007. He came in fourth eventually.

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: In "Generations" Di's response to Cheetah lodging a spear in her shoulder would be to yank it out and utilize it versus the villain.

, Mayor Agnes has some sort of programming update seizure whereby she entirely glitches out and her eyeballs convert glowing white. She statements she experienced an “itchy ear.”

Likewise, almost all of the Heavy's reactions to fire are suitably loud, besides one particular which can be just him expressing "Ooh!" like he stubbed his toe or one thing.

Sarge is shot in the head. Upon appearing within the afterlife, he is only annoyed that he didn't get to screw with Grif 1 final time. This situation also fits because Grif's response to the injury is to perform CPR, which unusually operates.

: As a result of her therapeutic aspect Wondy will not stress far too much about healthcare care, arthur parody which is very good at continuing to fight no matter Actual physical hurt.

by mpcohen – See all my reviews I don't know how perfectly this exhibit goes in excess of with its meant audience, but as an adult I am impressed by the way it is set collectively. The premise in the display is of an animated rabbit touring throughout the world together with his father attending to know little ones as well as their households and getting films.

gets a lot of these. His response to unintentionally going for walks into a needle-sharp icicle sticking out of the wall is really a nonchalant "Oh, take a look at that.

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